MFC GROUP (UK) LTD operates multiple sourcing companies defined by region, each with their own specific capabilities. These local resources “ON THE GROUND” have transformed us into an enviable competitor and a strong logistics partner.

Our business is structured in the following manner:

  • Inter Europe Ltd.-  predominately sources upholstery and chipboard furniture from POLAND  & GERMANY.
  • Inter Asia Ltd. – sources solid pine and veneer products from CHINA
  • Inter S.E.A  Ltd. (South East Asia) – sources solid oak, acacia and pine products from VIETNAM
  • Inter India Ltd. – sources solid sheesham, mango and acacia furniture from INDIA.
  • Inter Brazil Ltd. – sources solid KD pine from BRAZIL.

In each country we operate with our own staff including a QC, technical experts and business developers, ensuring that only the best products are sourced and that the company delivers “WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS”. We continuously strive to exceed expectations.

Our sourcing capabilities are mapped out below :

MFC is a Global Supply Chain Orchestrator with our own logistics warehouse in the UK. We offer:

  • exclusive ranges for large volume clients
  • design and development services
  • testing and quality assurance services
  • A step by step Quality Control Procedure, from production to shipment
  • Shipping and scheduling
  • Direct supplier co-operation
  • Compliance with special packaging requirements